Reading the Bible is one of the best ways to grow spiritually, especially if you are able to join in the company of fellow travelers on the journey. The Good Book Club offers you a chance to join with others—whether locally in your church or globally online—in an immersive experience in a book of the Bible.

For our journey through scripture during Epiphany 2024, the Good Book Club will explore the Book of Genesis.

Mark your calendars to join the Good Book Club with daily scripture readings, reflections, and teachings, during Epiphanytide, starting January 6. The list of readings is now available!

More details and related resources will be announced later in 2023. For now, sign up to receive updates and reading reminders.

Forward Movement’s RenewalWorks project has shown that scripture engagement, coupled with daily prayer, is one of the best ways to stay on the path of spiritual growth. If you want to learn more about RenewalWorks and our data on spiritual growth, visit renewalworks.org.

If you are looking for support on your journey through Genesis in 2024, check out A Journey Through Genesis, with daily reflections on each of the readings for the entire Book of Genesis. Written by scholars, lay leaders, and clergy around the world, these reflections will help deepen your encounter with the sacred story of God’s saving love for humanity.

The Good Book Club is simple and free. You can follow the reading list online for no charge, or follow along with your own Bible at home. Several additional resources created for this project will be free, while others will have a cost. You’ll pay only for the resources you wish to purchase.

Do you want to support the Good Book Club and other offerings from Forward Movement that inspire disciples? Most importantly, please pray for those committed to reading scripture and for the success of the Good Book Club, that it transforms lives and, indeed, our whole church. If you would like to support Forward Movement financially, please consider donating to Forward Movement online.

Are you looking for other ways to engage scripture? Explore all our offerings at forwardmovement.org. And if you need guidance, please give us a call during business hours at 513-721-6659 or drop us an email at orders@forwardmovement.org.