Romans 2019

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During Epiphany 2019, we dove into the Letter to the Romans, written by the Apostle Paul in 56-57 CE. Romans shares Paul’s attempt to explain how this new expression of faith is rooted in Judaism but is available to all of humanity. As Paul writes to the new community of Christians in Rome, he explores the concepts of salvation, the power of God, and grace. Many biblical scholars consider Romans to be Paul’s most important theological treatise. While Romans is not always easy reading, this sixth book of the New Testament articulates what it means to be a disciple of Christ and how that translates into daily life—lessons to inform and inspire followers of Christ from the beginning to the 21st century.

Resources Epiphany 2019

Books/Study Guides

Mission of Gratitude: A downloadable booklet with meditations on the readings, questions for personal reflection or group discussion, space to keep a gratitude journal, and a story of a ministry supported by United Thank Offering (UTO). UTO invites all Episcopalians to participate in a personal spiritual discipline of gratitude and giving. Each year, UTO collects thank offerings made and grants every penny to support innovative mission and ministry in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

Romans 101: An introduction developed by Forward Movement to the book of Romans, including a brief and accessible glossary of terms and themes.


Introducing Romans: ChurchNext Live Bible study during Epiphany. Eight-week course begins in January 2019.

Led by Jay Sidebotham, author of Conversations with Scripture: Romans and director of RenewalWorks, the course begins January 9, 2019. Learn more and sign up!

This Week in Romans: Weekly emails by Forward Movement will preview the upcoming readings to provide context and background. The emails also will include information about the themes of Romans and a focus on the ministries of partner organizations. Sign up with the subscription form to the right!

Reflections on Romans: Thoughts on Leadership, Transformation, and Growth: A daily email from members from the Gathering of Leaders, featuring a short reflection on the topics of leadership, transformation, or growth. Sign up here!

A Good Word: During the season of Epiphany 2019 Forma is excited to join the work of the Good Book Club, offering one verse each day, via social media, that is meant to encourage reading, sharing, and growing through the book of Romans.

These scriptures will correspond with the daily selections and will be posted on Forma’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, as well as their webpage.

Self(ie)-Reflections: Missional Voices will host a weekly video series with leaders (laity, clergy, and seminarians) from around the Episcopal Church reflecting on where they see the mission of God in each week’s readings.

El Club Bíblico es un grupo de Facebook que congrega a personas hispanohablantes interesadas en el mensaje de la Biblia. Durante Epifanía varios miembros del grupo van a publicar mensajes y videos para explorar la Carta de Pablo a los Romanos. Enlace:
El Club Bíblico is a Facebook group that gathers Spanish-speaking people interested in the message of the Bible. During Epiphany, several group members will post regular messages and videos exploring Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Link:

Vital Practices: Through the period of Epiphany 2019, Episcopal Church Foundation Vital Practices bloggers will choose a reading from Romans that resonates with them and their ministry and write a related blog post. These blogs will be published on ECFVP and invite readers to share in the experience.

Grow Christians: Grow Christians will share stories from parents who are reading and reflecting on Romans at home with children and teens.

Covenant: Each week, The Living Church will post on its blog, Covenant, an article that explores the text from Romans.

Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast: Bishop Russell Kendrick will post weekly videos online, offering theological insight on the readings from Romans.

Building Faith: Read Vicki Garvey’s post on Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

Invite Welcome Connect: During the season of Epiphany 2019, Invite Welcome Connect will host a weekly reflection via podcast or video based on excerpts from the Invite Welcome Connect book that correlate with verses from Romans. These will be posted on Invite Welcome Connect’s website and social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter